Indonesia Student Cultural & Educational Foundation (ISCEF)

‘Immerse in the Culture and Experience the Exchange’

Indonesia Student Cultural & Educational Foundation (ISCEF) is a non-government organization with the vision to give benefit for students to have a better understanding and appreciation of the nation’s culture. ISCEF invites students all over Indonesia to gather in a program and show the Indonesian Culture to the world. Students are given the chance to perform the Indonesian culture firsthand. The performance including traditional music performance, traditional dances performance, traditional or national song or instrument performance, poetry reading, etc. in accordance with culture. Furthermore, students are given the opportunity to have more understanding and appreciation of the nation’s culture.

ISCEF Singapore Malaysia were followed by 25 students of multi discipline backgrounds all over Indonesia, 1 team leader, and 1 program coordinator. Within the big hand of our partners in Singapore and Malaysia and great support of the team of ISCEF of course. By visiting Singapore and Malaysia, students meet the people, witness and get in touch with the culture directly. Students were exploring the various aspects of community life in Singapore and Malaysia. Witness from the firsthand the diversity of languages, culture, and technology from one country to another and become more open-mind and able to adapt to various changes. Students played an active role in preserving the culture, acknowledge the culture, introduce the culture and get immerse. Over all, students were having a better understanding of the nation’s culture and appreciate it.

Socio Culture & Diversity

ISCEF gives the insight for students how unique and diverse each country is. Students were taken to witness the socio culture and diversity in Singapore and Malaysia. ISCEF visited the Bugis junction, the Little India, the Chinatown within the Chinese community and their daily activities, the Kampong Glam, and Arab street all with its own customs. Students were also perceiving the monarch of Malaysia during the program. Countersign and get in touch with the native to learn the culture and their customs firsthand.

Culture Performance

Contributing global awareness of preserving and appreciating the culture, ISCEF proudly presented the culture performance at the prestigious institutions in Malaysia, Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) and Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA) Malaysia. The whole culture performance was broadcasted online on Instagram of ISCEF.

Culture Challenges

With the aim of introducing and promoting the nation’s culture to the world, ISCEF presented the culture challenges. Students were very excited doing the challenges in Merlion Park and the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. Students were singing together as one team, introducing Indonesian song to the world at the Merlion Park in the first day of the program in Singapore. In the following day in Singapore, students were teamed up and given a mission to introduce and promote the nation’s culture to the world at the Gardens by the Bay. With their own creativity and innovation, students were enjoying the mission with amazing experience and story behind the scene, accomplished with the wonderful result indeed.


Getting closer with the countries, Singapore and Malaysia, students were guided by the native to gain more knowledge about the countries with the people, culture, and customs at once. Students also visited the iconic landmarks in both countries. The Merlion Park, the Gardens by the Bay, even more the water and light performance at Marina Bay Sands with the gorgeous buildings as the backgrounds of the show was very spectacular view not to be missed out. While in Malaysia, students learned the process of making chocolates at Beryl’s Chocolate factory. Students also visited the iconic landmark, Petronas Twin Tower and learned more about the monarch at Istana Negara Malaysia.

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Malaysian Institute of Art

ISCEF were welcomed by Mr. Neo Hup Hiang, the students of MIA, CEO of Music Department, DR Lok Lay Hong. The program in Malaysian Institute of Art was carried on by the students of MIA with an introduction and get to know each other. Students were full of joy with their new friends abroad and it was getting more energizing since it was led by the students of MIA. If only we had more time, it would be very nice to stay longer. But, another appointment was awaiting. The program was closed by Dr. Lok Lay Hong as the CEO of the Music Department in MIA, photo session, and some refreshments from Malaysian Institute of Art.


Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan

The next program was the culture performance at Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA) Malaysia. Before started the performance, ISCEF felt very honored to be invited by the rector of ASWARA, Prof. Dato’ Ir. Dr. H. Mohd Rizon Juhari which also accompanied by Yang Mulia Raja Nor Sheela Raja Aziddin as the vice rector and the staff of ASWARA to have an overview and briefing regarding the program at the meeting room of the rector. The meeting was started with the welcoming from the rector, introduction of ASWARA, introduction of ISCEF and delegates, and ended with photo session and exchange gift. The program then moved to the music box studio for the culture performance which was witnessed by Yang Mulia Raja Nor Sheela Raja Aziddin.

Special thanks to all ISCEF delegates and the committees. May your experience and knowledge from ISCEF Singapore Malaysia be the light for you to continue your journey of life and give you more strength to be brave to inspire others and be the agent of positive change in the world. ISCEF extend the gratitude for the warm welcome and wonderful collaboration to:

  1. Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA) Malaysia
  2. Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA)
  3. Norazlisham Mohd Amin (Director of International Coop. ASWARA)
  4. Dato’ Ir. Dr. Hj. Mohd Rizon Juhari (Rector of ASWARA)
  5. Yang Mulia Raja Nor Sheela Raja Aziddin (Vice Rector of ASWARA)
  6. Azizi (Assistant Director of International Coop. ASWARA)
  7. Neo Hup Hiang (Music Department of MIA)
  8. Lok Lay Hong (CEO of the Music Department in MIA)
  9. Students and staff members of ASWARA
  10. Students and staff members of MIA
  11. Our tour guides, drivers, and partners.